The Sustainable Way to Eat Well at College and Beyond!

Predictably plan and plate nourishing meals without breaking the bank!


When living on your own, planning, prepping and plating a nourishing meal can quickly become an ongoing cult of pain.

It is enough for any student to default to cheap nutrient-void noodles or overpriced eats delivered in wasteful packaging.

The remedy often offered is to dedicate an entire afternoon on the weekend to make monstrous amounts of portioned meals.

But is that option really sustainable from week to week?

Maybe. But there is another approach.

Enter the essential Dinner Survival Kit for college and beyond!

A three-step quick start guide any student can use to shortcut their way to nourishing eats, from week to week, in a sustainable way.



To simplify the process.



To supercharge success.



To make homemade meals affordable.

Hi, I'm Brent

After cooking with hundreds of undergrad and graduate students at college and university campus events, I notice many students take pride in their cooking savvy.

But most don't hop with enthusiasm when they hear the idea of spending their Sunday afternoon prepping meals for the week ahead.

That is why inside this Dinner Survival Kit we snuck in a more subtle approach! Like sneaking veggies into pasta dishes. 🤫

What Is Included Inside?

No Fuss Plan & Prep

Students learn how to create an affordable meal plan, and prep for the week ahead, without it careening into a nightmare task (yay!).

No Fuss Plan and Prep

Less Clutter, Easy Clean-up

We unlock strategies on how to efficiently maneuver around a postage-stamp sized kitchen and keep the clean-up to a minimum.

Less Clutter Easy Cleanup

Stock This, To Rock This

Pick and choose from this list of non-generic ingredients to stock, so you can rock the flavor of the food you enjoy the most!


15 Minute Money Saving Meals For Students

Recipes to prepare affordable eats, made with the good stuff, that can be predictably prepared in 15 minutes or less.

15 Minute Money Saving Meals

"I like how you incorporated the fun into cooking!"

- Student (York University)

"Come back and teach us more!"

- Student (Seneca College)

"Keeps the interest levels super high."

- Student (Wilfred Laurier University)

What about videos on YouTube and Tik Tok? Do they cover these topics?

Sort of. However, too often the advice is offered in a 30 to 60 second clip. That is like sending someone you love off to survive a entire week alone in the wilderness with only 60 seconds of training. 😲

The quick-start guides inside this essential Dinner Survival Kit provides the exact steps a student needs to flourish at plating 2 to 3 dinners each week in a sustainable way.

Why only 2 to 3 dinners?

It takes small steps to build a nourishing habit. It also allows room to grab a pizza slice on the way home every now and then.😉

Meet Brent. Your Guide 👋

Author of The Cook-a-Palooza Experience and creator of the College Cooking Tour 2.0. Brent has taught hundreds of undergrads and graduates sustainable ways to plate delicious eats during their time at college and beyond. Inside the Dinner Survival Kit he covers invaluable insights, recipes, stories and techniques included in his live events, and much more!

Brent Garell

"You explained things at a nice pace and not too fast or slow. I have a lot of cooking experience but still found it enjoyable and learned new things."

- Student (University of Iowa)

"What I really liked were the fun small tips, some of which came with stories. The sheet pan methodology etc."

- J. Piegors (University of Iowa)

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