A No-Hassle, No Worry, No B.S., Easy-To-Understand, Highly Do-Able Guide

To plate real meals without breaking a sweat or your bank account.


The old joke about cooking begins in college. As in, that it is a rite of passage to survive on soggy instant noodles, frozen pizza or offerings from the king, colonel or clown.

But what other options are there if you don't have much free time and a limited budget?

How would life be different if there was a way to:

  • Plate nourishing meals on a budget
  • Successfully whip together meals that taste like home in half the time
  • Have cheat codes that makes plating real meals a do-able option

Wouldn’t it be nice to NOT go down with the Convenience Food Titanic by "cracking the code” on how to predictably plate real meals in minutes.

The common solution is to turn to a website or cookbook filled with easy recipes.

That ONLY solves one third of the issue.

What about YouTube, TicTok, and Instagram?

All valuable cooking resources for recipe ideas, cooking techniques and one-off hacks. However, when combined with easy recipes, it only gets you two thirds of the way to plating real meals with consistency.

Those who don't want to be part of the old joke seek out the final piece of the puzzle. In fact, those in the know would say it is the piece that matters the most.

In this workshop...

Together, we walk through that final step to plate real meals without breaking a sweat or the bank account - whether you are a student or living life beyond campus.

Introducing Real Meals Express 1.0

An video workshop that turns a low tolerance for planning, prepping and plating meals into a freakishly manageable option!

Packed with:



To simplify the process.



To supercharge their success.



To make real meals affordable.

Unlike many other online cooking resources, Real Meals Express 1.0 is based on lessons I learned from cooking with hundreds of college and university students.

Many students like the idea of eating well but can't consistently defend against the convenience food forces that prevent them from plating one or two real meals a week.

It is not dissimilar to life beyond campus, right?

Savvy cooks know that to pull off plating real meals with consistency we have to muster enough willpower to:

  • Plan Ahead
  • Prep Ahead
  • Plate When Busy

Inside Real Meals Express 1.0 we have the simple solution. Make the plan, prep and plating steps so easy that they require less than 1% willpower to complete.

"I like how you incorporated the fun into cooking!"

- Student (York University)

"Come back and teach us more!"

- Student (Seneca College)

"Keeps the interest levels super high."

- Student (Wilfred Laurier University)

Here's Exactly How Real Meals Express 1.0 Works

Part 1

Express Plan

First we crack the code on how to create an affordable meal plan - without it careening into a nightmare task (yay!).

No Fuss Plan

Part 2

Express Prep

Next up, the savvy way to prep ingredients so your planned meals come together in a flash when needed! No full-day meal prep on the weekend required. That's a promise!

Time Savvy Prep

Part 3

Express Plate

In this section we unlock cooking cheat codes, like how to predictably plate meals that taste like home in half the time or less!

Real Meals

Bonus #1

Less Clutter, Easy Clean-up

Lessons learned about how to keep the clutter and mess to a minimum so there is less to fret about when cooking is done.

Less Clutter Easy Cleanup

Bonus #2

Flavor 1.0

I only wish someone had taught me these sooner. These flavor tips provide a BIG head start with achieving delicious results right away!

Meet Brent. Your Guide 👋

Real Meals Express 1.0 was an idea that hit me after I toured colleges and universities to cook with students during their Wellness Week Events.

The events reminded me that there are many facets to cooking nourishing meals in less time, and for less money - that I wish I had known when began to cook as a student.

Building on what I teach in my $500 cooking classes, I assembled a set of proven steps to successfully plan, prep and plate nourishing meals from week to week - on a tight schedule and budget.

Brent Garell

"You explained things at a nice pace and not too fast or slow. I have a lot of cooking experience but still found it enjoyable and learned new things."

- Student (University of Iowa)

"What I really liked were the fun small tips, some of which came with stories. The sheet pan methodology etc."

- J. Piegors (University of Iowa)

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